World Amigurumi Exhibition at RESOBOX

We’re so happy to be invited by RESOBOX to be their last few participants for the upcoming Amigurumi Exhibition! I’ve actually seen this event on FB or IG before posted by Kelly Limerick and thought how nice that would be!

But anyway, we are EGGCITED!!! Not only just an amigurumi exhibition, but it’s a WORLD amigurumi exhibition. Meaning, they’re inviting amigurumi artists from all over the world to display their unique creations in an exhibition for sale! There will be 4000 amigurumi contributed from 22 countries and this will be exhibited in New York!

I really have the thought of flying over to see it, but flight tickets is costing more than $1k for 1 pax 😮 It’s alright, I’ll just see the photos from SG then.

This exhibition will be ongoing from December 11 2017 to March 31 2018. If you like amigurumi, be sure to go there and snap some pictures for me!

More info at

Watch out for my next post on which amigurumi flew over!



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