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Why Tiny Rabbit Hole?

Why Tiny Rabbit Hole?

Why Tiny Rabbit Hole?

This is probably the most common question.

Truth to be told, sometimes I’m kinda stunned when receiving an open-ended question that can have a myriad of answers to it haha!

Perhaps, I have to start with a little background of myself. As what all of you have read before — where I studied, when I started crocheting, what was my profession before this etc etc. The truth about me is that I really like to watch anime and fantasy stories. My favourite fairy tales are Thumbelina, Alice in Wonderland, almost all of Roald Dahl’s books (The Magic Finger, BFG etc), CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia (although I gave up reading the last book), JK Rowling’s Harry Potter (I didn’t read the last book either because it’s too thick), and some random storybooks I happened to browse in the library. One random book I could never forget is “Under the Cherry Blossom Tree: An Old Japanese Tale”.

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That’s how the idea of Jambu Mambo was conceived =D

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And for anime it’s definitely Cardcaptor Sakura! How many of you are in the same era as me? Also all of Ghibli Studio’s anime, UP and other Pixar’s animations, and Noblesse a comic that I started reading earlier this year.

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I joined Orita Sinclair back in 2009 to learn animation (although I had no luck in becoming an animator thereafter). I was deeply intrigued by one of my senior’s works. She did a stop motion montage using the story of Alice in Wonderland, entitled “A.”

Through her story, I was very inspired by the fact that storylines can be similar but the experience is different through different creators. Every rabbit hole that you tumbled into can lead you to somewhere magical. In it, you can meet all sorts of magical creatures that you have never imagined in your life. Therefore in my tiny rabbit burrow, albeit tiny, it is deep and mysterious. I continue living in my fantasy burrow, making creatures out of yarns, stuffing, and a little bit of imagination.

I really like how you don’t follow the flow of the world, but making a world out of it. And at Tiny Rabbit Hole, time stops for you. Did you feel that when you’re at our studio?

Why rabbits? Is your favourite animal rabbit? Are you born in the year of rabbit?

It has got nothing to do with rabbits. But rabbits are cute! I do not have much prejudice against animals as long as they are kawaii! My favourite animal is the pig. My brother used to flood my collection with pig plushies. Unfortunately they were mostly discarded by my mum due to my sensitive nose. I still have a few of them left in secret. I’m born in the year of the snake, but please don’t make me do snakes. I really don’t like reptiles 🙁

Any other questions that you hope to find out more? Drop a comment below!

Mata ne~

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