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Why Crochet is the Perfect Zen Outside Your Busy Schedule

Why Crochet is the Perfect Zen Outside Your Busy Schedule

Mindfulness and self-care are words commonly heard today, along with the movement of decluttering spaces and minimalist living. Not-so-sporadic yoga studios in the CBD quietly serve the working class who seek solace among the hustle. Are you looking for ways to relax and be present amidst the daily grind? The art of crocheting might just be the next big thing and here are some reasons why:


For obvious reasons, colour is one of the reasons why crochet is full of endless fun and possibilities. With an infinite array of yarn colours to choose from, you can begin on a new project that you always had in mind. Do you need some inspiration? Simply look at the enchanting colours and an idea can strike you almost instantly to create something new. Be enchanted by colour changes in your project as you crochet along using a ball of rainbow yarn!


Too often we get piled up with life’s demands but crocheting gives you a chance to choose what you want to make out of it. With the autonomy over what you can create, start exploring and do something for yourself! Besides, engaging in an activity outside your busy work schedule can always get you back on that motivation wheel.


Crochet is both an art and a skill. The ability to create something tangible gives you a sense of accomplishment, whether or not it is useful or just charming to look at. Self-expression through creativity can promote a positive outlook and identity of a person (think art therapy). Finding a way to express yourself? Why not tap into your inner child and crochet a character plush toy or lifestyle accessory that speaks your personality!


Learning crochet does not only connect your mind and your hands, but also connects you with community. Take a chance to learn a new skill that can help you find like-minded friends and be amazed at different outcomes of the same patterns. If you’re already a crochet master, why not share your knowledge and support others in their projects?


Contrary to what it seems, crochet is not just an art; it’s mathematics! Counting chains, stitches and rows are part of working with yarn and hook. It’s not rocket science either, especially once you ensure that foundation rows of your pattern are formed. A rhythm is built as you count and move the hook in and out. It’s almost meditative…


…which brings me to the next point of reducing the body’s stress hormone. Crocheting has a calming effect that can help to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure levels and help to cope with stress. It’s meditative aspect can improve moods and encourage mindfulness, discipline and patience. But unlike meditation, it is not only relaxing but also rewarding with the ability to create a tangible item. Now that is a plus point.


Crocheting trains you to focus on details, enabling you to think more clearly and be mindful of your surroundings. Think of it as an exercise that keeps your brain fit, helping to delay memory loss or dementia. According to a study in 2011, leisure activities such as crafting reduces the chances of mild cognitive impairment by 30% to 50%. Crocheting involves the different areas of the brain as it helps to develop and strengthen the neural pathways; definitely a good way to stay mentally active.


Creating art shifts the mind’s focus on its usual thoughts and inclinations; the person involved in the craft is now part of something bigger than him or her. Some have found that craft activities helped with weight control as it distracted them from mindless snacking. A study of people with chronic pain suggested that crocheting enabled them to redirect their focus, reducing the brain’s ability to process pain signals. Finding a way to stop binge-watching Netflix, curb your potato cravings or quit smoking? Pick up some yarn and a hook and replace your habits with a fulfilling activity.


There is no other gift more meaningful than a customised or handmade one. Crochet something to give your loved ones, it doesn’t just make the recipient a happy one, but also instills a sense of accomplishment and joy to the giver too.


Fun fact: Crocheting burns calories. An average person burns 61 calories per hour lying down and 88 while reading a book, while knitting burns 102 an hour. Want to lose weight? Stop scrolling and start crocheting. We don’t guarantee that you will become the next fitspo but it sure beats doing nothing!

Carry it anywhere

Last but not least, crocheting is an entertainment that is portable (yes, even if its unfinished). Carry it with ease anywhere and anytime.

Our final words: If there is something you are addicted to, crochet might just be one that you should not quit.

Happy Crocheting!

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