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Tulip Etimo Japan Blue Wa Bi Opening Night

Tulip Etimo Japan Blue Wa Bi Opening Night

tiny rabbit hole wa bi japan blue crochet hook tulip etimo japan blue

The legendary Tulip Etimo Japan Blue Wa Bi Crochet Hook Set has finally touched ground in Singapore, right at Tiny Rabbit Hole! Can you believe it?

tulip etimo japan blue wa bi crochet hook set tiny rabbit hole

We’re very eager to open the box right here right now, but we have decided to wait for all of you! Do tune in to us on Youtube Live, 8 April, 7pm SGT or find us at our homeground (62A Smith Street, Singapore 058964) to get your first-hand experience with this hook set.

This set is selling at $1,600 SGD (as of April 2022) at our store. You never see it wrong, and you never hear it wrong. It is indeed legendary from the colour of the hooks to the very packaging of the set. Many of our customers/students has their eyes opened with amazement. It is $100+/hook! We shall see whether the full experience is as what we have expected.

Are we expecting you? Hop on to our IG and comment you’re tuning in!

Read the full detail Wa Bi here.

Update: We have opened it! Check out our blue-est and most expensive hook set on earth!

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