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Tips & Tricks: How to Identify the Last Stitch of Every Round

Tips & Tricks: How to Identify the Last Stitch of Every Round

Hello guys!

It’s around 2 weeks left before the end of CB! We are getting there together 🙂

So this week, we gave a little tip that we believe everyone is dying to know. How to identify the last stitch of every round without using a stitch marker?

How to identify the last stitch of every round

You may scroll to the timing 37:41 to see our explanation and demonstration.

In this demonstration, I didn’t use a stitch marker at all. I’m using a strand of yarn that I happen to find nearby. So every time I finish a round, I’ll place the yarn in the last stitch.

After doing a few more rounds, you will notice that there is a certain pattern of where my pink yarn leads to. This is in relation to the start of the spiral that you see from the start of round 2. And every increase always have a big bulge, and that’s how you identify them.

How to do character embroidery on a crochet piece

At 42:37, we demonstrate on how you can embroidery a character, such as our favourite bubble tea brand, 貢茶!

Doing embroidery is akin to doing cross stitch. If you have done cross stitching before, you should know how to deal with a yarn, or embroidery floss, and a needle, you’ll be able to handle this. You just need to have the mental image in mind before you start working on it.

Hope that helps! Share more questions with us here.

Supreme Bubble Tea Bag Pattern and Material Kit

And also! Our bubble tea bag pattern has been up last week! And we’re very very excited to see your works! So please share your works with us on IG/FB, tag us at @tinyrabbithole and hashtag #tinyrabbithole. We would love to see your beautiful creations!

More info of the pattern and material kit can be found here.

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