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Three Must-Do Fruits for Chinese New Year

Three Must-Do Fruits for Chinese New Year

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Pineapple, Watermelon and Apple Amigurumi Intro to Crochet

Brand new year with brand new crochet workshop for the health enthusiasts! We are making fruits to keep you in check for the 3 must-do fruits for Chinese New Year! You need an Ong Lye to make your family huat all year round! You need a watermelon to keep you all smiles =) You need an apple to keep the doctor away of course!

And perhaps some new decoration for your office table, why not? You may visit this link for more information about our new workshop!

Please note that for beginner crocheters, you’re able to choose only the pineapple or the apple material kit. After completing the workshop, you may choose to get the watermelon materials to work on it at home.

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Unicorn Lunch Tote Sewing and Crochet with Beary Naise

Furthermore, for those of you who didn’t know about it yet, we have launched our first fusion Crochet x Sewing workshop with Beary Naise to make a unicorn lunch tote. I’ll keep y’all updated in our next post about our workshop. In fact, some of our students mentioned that maybe we can make this bag to carry our “gam” (oranges) for CNY visiting! Just love how our students have their imaginations run wild and suggesting lots of interesting ideas.

Mata ne~

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