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[Part 1] Unicorn’s Virgin Trip to Hong Kong – What crochet and craft items you can bring onboard a flight?

[Part 1] Unicorn’s Virgin Trip to Hong Kong – What crochet and craft items you can bring onboard a flight?

It has been awhile since I’ve gone for a holiday other than Australia. As usual, how can I forget about my babies? They’re travelling with me!

Trying to squeeze everything into a bag is quite impossible as my biggest ever unicorn is bugging me to bring her along. Alright, I’ll bring you, but you gotta behave yourself! Ended up bringing so many things, kind of regretting but it’s too late.

Many of my students and Instagram fans have been asking whether I bring my crochet stuff on board to crochet and are those items safe to bring on board? I believe you have that same question itching you for a long long time. Now, let me tell you what can be brought onboard and what not based on my experience. BUUUUTTTT… Please don’t quote me word for word coz at the end of the day, it really depends on the immigration officer as SAFETY IS STILL THE MOST IMPORTANT THING and we should respect them for keeping all of us safe. It’s also stated in the Singapore Airline site that

Scissors and any other sharp/bladed objects (e.g. ice-pick, nail clippers, embroidery, crocheting and knitting needles) considered illegal by local law

So, please bring them at your own risk! And take note that rules might change time to time so always check with the authority first!


Usually I’ll bring my trusty 2.5mm Tulip Crochet Hook, a yarn needle and a pair of scissors with me. These items are definitely safe to bring onboard. I’ll be showing you a few links as stated with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).



I assume that if sewing needles can be brought onboard, so do my yarn needle, as it’s not sharp.


Please take note of the length of the scissors! One of my students did bring her scissors onboard and was being screened for the scissors. However her scissors is less than 4 inches long from the pivot point (after being measured on the spot) so it was allowed onboard. If you don’t feel secure about bringing your scissors, you may instead buy a travel sewing kit from Muji.

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I’ve brought them during my Aussie trip and it was fine. I’ll share more about the sewing kit with you in another blog post.

I didn’t bring my scissors on board this time as I couldn’t find my Muji scissors and I totally forgot about the less than 4 inch rule, so I checked in my crane scissors instead.

tiny rabbit hole - Italy euro designed golden crane small craft handmade scissor with sharp shear


The only thing that I didn’t dare to bring onboard is my sewing pins. Really not too sure but perhaps I should try one day. Has any one of you brought sewing pins up a plane before? Please do comment below and share the craft tools that you usually bring onboard!

It’s usually alright to crochet in the plane. I was onboard Singapore International Airline (SIA) but I wasn’t crocheting since there were so many movies for me to watch :O It wasn’t a long flight, just around 4h. But I did get a bad experience while trying to crochet in Scoot Airline few years back. I’ll share that with you in a separate post too.

That’s all for now!

Mata ne~

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