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Our Family is Growing!

Our Family is Growing!

It has been a real honour to have grown Tiny Rabbit Hole from a 3-men team to something even bigger!

There has been so many ups and downs and probably you wouldn’t have known that we have been operating for a year! From a humble discussion with my first team mate, Yew Tong the software engineer, to do something fun and different from the ever-so-digital world over a durian talk (it was durian season last September) and now we’re moving into November! Terrix, our dedicated photographer and social media specialist, or what he calls himself, the Unicorn Rider, the Lore Master, and his title goes on and on and on… joined us early this year to bring you lovely photos of all of our amigurumi and bringing them to life!

With inspirations from my maternal side of the family that owning a business brings in more satisfaction in life although a lot of tough work and long hours have to be done. And true enough, seeing our students who started with no knowledge of crochet to someone who can make many cute amigurumi is just something so magical!

Now that we have more workshops and not being able to cope with the huge influx of students from all over Singapore, we have decided to bring in more crochet trainers, mainly our students and customers who enjoyed our creations or our accompaniment, to join us in spreading the AMIGURUMI FEVER!

It was a good year and we’re going to bring in more fun in our second year! More news will be up soon! And I’ll try to find some time to introduce our new crochet trainers who just come on board with us!

And yes! One last thing. We know that there are many kinds of cute animals, fruits or random ideas that you wanna make, and we like making them too! If you have a suggestion and would like us to open a workshop for that, do drop us a comment or send us an email! We hope to have fun with you too!

PS: As long as your idea is in line with the idea of amigurumi (ie creatures or objects with eyes)

Ciao October and hello Movember!

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