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Chinese New Year 2019 – Maybe Pigs Can FLY! Right?

Chinese New Year 2019 – Maybe Pigs Can FLY! Right?

Maybe Pigs Can FLY! Right?

Pigs have always been a popular icon throughout the ages when coming to compare your intelligence, your attitude and your looks. But pigs are cute and they’re actually pretty smart! According to an article on Mercy for Animals

Pigs are actually considered the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world—even more intelligent than dogs—and are capable of playing video games with more focus and success than chimps!

You should be flattered if someone compares you to a pig! Ok that aside, MY pig is going to be different from any other regular pigs. He has an ambition. And his ambition is to… FLY! Of course not by growing wings. It is scientifically not possible. But he’s going to soar in the air with the help of technology right. How is he going to fly? Nobody knows yet.

Nevertheless, I picture my pig to be wearing an aviator headgear and goggles. And that’s how he looks like! I think he’s pretty happy with his OOTD for the Chinese New Year of the PIG!

Tiny Rabbit Hole Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Pig Pilot Aviator
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He looks so smart and adorable right! I’m so flattered by his look =)

I’m partially influenced by my favourite animation film – UP by Pixar. I have rewatched this animation around 10 times already and teared every time the female lead passed away. I was intrigued by their childhood ambition to fly!

Pixar Up Animation 3D
Photo Credit:

Our aviator pig has 2 other siblings. One is called the Fortune Piggy – or the Lucky Piggy – and the other is called the Hardworking Piggy.

Fortune Piggy has a capability. If you rub her belly, luck will come your way. Maybe you’ll discover money on the floor so please look out! Also, if you ring the bell of love on her neck, maybe you’ll meet the love of your life <3

Tiny Rabbit Hole Amigurumi Crochet Pattern fortune pig lucky bell fat lazy
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These 3 little pigs are moving out of their parents’ house. They stumbled onto our land of the Tiny Rabbit Hole and started building.

Fortune piggy is A LITTLE lazy. And she likes things fast. She doesn’t really care about the quality of the house. So don’t comment too much about her rugged-looking straw house because she is 100% satisfied and proud of it.

The lazy pig's house

Hardworking piggy is indeed hardworking. He builds the house brick by brick. He’s good with numbers and measurement. Just that maybe he’s not so good with technical skills. Maybe if he’s given a chance to build a few more houses, he’ll become a pro.

We are architects
Laying the bricks
Peeping through the window
Piggy peeping through the window
Almost done
Almost done
Look at the impressions
Using clay for the base of chimney
Now the chimney is on
Hmmm not say super straight BUT what matters is that the pig is happy =)
Tiny Rabbit Hole – Three Little Pigs Amigurumi Crochet Chinese New Year 2019 Aviator Lucky Pig Cat Maneki Neko straw house brick house fly
Hand moulded, hand painted door knob
Painting the wooden door
Painting the wooden door
Tiny Rabbit Hole – Three Little Pigs Amigurumi Crochet Chinese New Year 2019 Aviator Lucky Pig Cat Maneki Neko straw house brick house fly
Piggies United!

Hardworking Piggy does not believe that by purely being hardworking, one will become rich. Therefore he hires the Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) to guard his door everyday between 9am to 5pm. Neko is more than happy to do so! She doesn’t need to do anything. Just wave her paws whenever she sees someone. Easy job right? I wonder how much is her pay?

Hope that you are entertained by our muses about the Three Little Pigs! We’ll update more on our Instagram and Facebook so do keep a lookout =D

Some WIP before finalising the designs

Maneki Neko
First version: with smiley eyes and mouth

Made my first version of the Maneki Neko to give it a nice smiley face! But truth to be told, I have dismantled and re-embroidered the eyes around 10 times already and I’m still not satisfied with it. Just a little error and it might look angry. I want a HAPPY cat. So I have modified the pattern to something I love <3 Do you still prefer the embroidered eyes and mouth or the safety eyes version?

There has been many enquiries about our Maneki Neko. We promise to list them on our website ASAP! Custom orders are welcomed.

Pig in the making
First version: Trying to make a fat belly for the pig
Pig in the making
Fervently writing notes and putting the parts together
The lucky animals
Putting them together to see how they look!

Building Construction Credits

Thank you Eve! Eve sourced for all these beautiful bricks and the dry grass to build these houses! And of course the extra OT she did to help us finish the houses faster than usual

Thank you Silver! Silver came for interview, and ended up helping us build the house because it was simply too interesting.

Thank you Terrix! Terrix was busy breaking the bricks into 2. It was really hardy and lots of effort is required to break them

Thank you Edna! We always believe in Edna’s precision skills. With her around, we manage to fix the door. Also her decision in painting the inside of the door and the inner wall to make it look more complete.

And of course! I moulded and painted the gold door knob! (Super proud of myself wahahhaa)

Building compilation video here =D It’s pretty long, so just scroll through.

More information about the bundle kits for Maybe Pigs Can Fly and Fortune Piggy can be found here! And needless to say, free Kam pattern for CNY can be found here! Kam bundle kit can be found here.

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Chinese New Year Kam Mandarin Orange Crochet Amigurumi

If you would like to receive your bundle kits before CNY, the cut off date will be on 31st Jan 2019 3pm! Happy crocheting everybody and Happy New Year in advance!

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