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Live Pattern Q&A + Ko-fi + Curious Cat

Live Pattern Q&A + Ko-fi + Curious Cat

Hello guys! We are back for more action! Sorry for the long hiatus as we are preparing a series of seriously good stuff to get all of you hyped up!

Q&A Live

We love helping all of you with the problems you faced while crocheting, because we want to see you complete your project made with love! Though it can get a little overwhelming at times especially when there are lots of things to do. Hence we decided to start a Q&A Live Session on Facebook!
We’ll dedicate one hour every week answering your questions that we have compiled and questions sent during live. This is especially for those that needs visual guidance for certain parts of your project. We might not be able to answer every question during the live and will be carry forward to the next session, so your patience would be greatly appreciated.

Our Ko-fi 

We now have Ko-fi! Ko-fi minimum standard coffee is $3USD, with that we hope you can buy us a coffee for your loving support. We’ll post Ko-fi exclusive contents worth a cup of coffee. If your coffee comes along with a question we will answer it asap too! Not to mention that we have prepared something special with the launch of our Ko-fi, so please stay tune!

Our Curious Cat

Yeap that’s you guys! We have created a platform where all of your questions will be answered in one place. It’s open to everyone and any questions, though our main priority would be pattern related questions so please do be patient for your question to be answered alright? You can also see questions posted by others. Please look through them as they might have already been asked before!

So in summary:
  • send in your questions through our curious cat or during live at our Facebook
  • Only pattern related questions will be answered during the live session
  • all questions will now be answered only through curious cat
  • you may send in your questions before the day of Q&A but please note that it’ll not be answered until then
  • some questions may be answered in the following sessions, so please be patient. Thank you!
  • buy us a coffee will be super appreciated. If it comes along with a question we’ll answer it asap!
  • something special is coming up soon in the launch of our Ko-fi so look forward to it!

Thank you all of you for your continuous support!

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Like our content?