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Learn Crochet Online with Tiny Rabbit Hole

Learn Crochet Online with Tiny Rabbit Hole

Hello again! We have recently launched our online crochet learning series at!

Learn crochet online

This set of online classes are suitable for complete beginners to start working on your very first handmade plush! You can learn at your own pace and repeat as many times as you want. If you meet a problem, live consultations will be available. This is the perfect way to start a new hobby at the comfort of your own home. Or even after returning back to your office, you will be able to find your own me-time after work to do it.

A little background

Just a little background of myself. I’m Angie, the brain behind the Tiny Rabbit Hole label. Together with Terrix, we have been running TRH for almost 4 years. Throughout these years, we have spent most of our time teaching crochet and designing new characters.

Doing popup differently with our gigantic amigurumi!

When we talk about learning crochet, we don’t just teach it. For our students who knew us over the past few years, you should understand how we work 🙂

What makes and what breaks

Do you know that 99% of the time, when someone quits crochet, it is actually about THAT ball of yarn and THAT hook? Or perhaps referencing too many YouTube tutorials that confuses them? Now let’s get to the root of the problem.

Our student’s first project as a beginner – The Heavenly Purse

If you know, we have upgraded our yarns and tools over time and right now we only provide beginner friendly yarns and ergonomic crochet hooks for our workshop attendees. That being said, why do beginners need such expensive stuff?

To be honest, these investments are not expensive at all. It is either break it or make it.

Break it – you used the yarn, it sux big time, you can’t manage it, you get frustrated and put it aside. Or, you use a hook that broke, or bend, and your fingers ache too early while you’re still in the exploring phase.

Make it – you are concentrating at getting the stitches right. Everything else works perfectly for you.

Quality tools to last you a lifetime

Getting the right hook and yarn is akin to getting the right pillow that brings you sweet dreams. Trying to get the cheapest pillow without ergonomic support, you might not enjoy it. Worse, you might suffer neck pains (or nightmares).

Pick up a hobby and make new friends

What we really hope is to convert more people into crochet hobbyists, to create more and spread cuteness one project at a time! Thus owning the appropriate first hook and yarn is ultra important. This is not applicable to crochet only, but also to many other things in life.

We have met many students who decided to give themselves a second chance in crochet by joining our classes, and we are very glad to hear that they finally understood the essence of crochet after the first session with us!

So now, we are finally taking the leap of faith by putting up our TRH teaching method up as an online class. Our curriculum has been tried and tested by over 3,500 students, which in turn, they continue to crochet for their passion, hobby, and best of all, for charity <3

Crocheting for the Australian Rescue Animals as a community 🙂

What’s so special?

Alright, what’s so special about our online class?

Having said that we have taught for a couple of years, our team of passionate crochet trainers stood alongside us to tackle all the difficult beginner problems and dispel all their doubts.

[Online Class] Level 1: Intro to Crochet

Every student has a unique way of learning. Be it a kid who is still honing their fine motor skills, or a working adult who has lost touch with craft and the nimbleness, we have figured out ways to deal with them.

Beginner problems

The biggest problem faced by most beginners is controlling the tension. To be honest, this is the most difficult part of the equation. If you think that doing the magic ring is difficult, you are totally wrong.

[Online Class] Level 2: Intro to Amigurumi

Another commonly made mistake is counting your stitches. And the reason that causes you to lose count comes in several reasons. Perhaps you’re simply not zen enough :O So just relax and focus on the stitches. We’ll guide you to identifying the pattern and shape and you’ll be able to trudge through the difficult parts.

So for our online curriculum, it is not going to be any different from our in-studio workshop experience. We will still be preaching the same thing but in the form of videos and we will be using online conferencing tools, such as Zoom, to do a face-to-face troubleshooting with you.

Our favourite student, Gina! And her modified Yarn Basket from our curriculum

In conclusion

At the end of the day, we hope that you will become the crocheter that you wanna be, and get hooked on with projects together with us!

More info about our online classes can be found here. If you have any questions regarding our online classes, feel free to check in with us! We’re happy to help you 🙂

PS: Early Bird Special is happening from today to Sunday, 17 May 2020! Check out our online classes to find out more 🙂

Online Class Crochet for Beginners Cactus Tiny Rabbit Hole

Online Class Crochet for Beginners Cactus Tiny Rabbit Hole

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