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I HEART U – How to crochet a heart

I HEART U – How to crochet a heart

Bare your heart to your lover by crocheting a heart for them! I have specially designed this heart that isn’t too big to let your bear to hug it and gift it to your lover. This is an easy pattern provided that you have already attended our Tiny Rabbit Hole’s Beginner (Level 2) workshops or equivalent! If you have not, feel free to visit our Youtube to learn how to crochet a simple round ball.


4 ply Acrylic Yarn in:
[Yarn A] Fire Engine Red (80)
2.5mm 4/0 crochet hook
Yarn needle
Polyfiber stuffing
Stitch markers

Abbreviations (US Terms)

st(s) stitch(es)
sc single crochet…………………x
inc increase…………………………v
(do 2sc in the same st twice)
dec invisible decrease ………….^
(combine 2 sts into 1)


  • Our amigurumi are mostly done in continuous rounds starting with a Magic Ring. You don’t need to end with a slip stitch. You should use a stitch marker to mark the last stitch of every round at all times.
  • You may wish to download the Counter+ app to help you with your counting.
  • Please crochet the stitches tightly to prevent stuffing from showing. However, do not crochet too tightly otherwise it’ll be difficult to continue
  • Be sure to push the washer down only the first screw of the eye to prevent bulging.
  • Always stuff your amigurumi firmly till the point that it feels bouncy.
  • Always leave long tail for sewing.


We’re going to work on the one side of the heart first and combine them later on.

R1: sc 5 into Magic Ring (5sts)
R2: [inc] 5x (10sts)
R3: [sc 1, inc] 5x (15sts)
Leave a long tail and cut the yarn. We’re going to use the tail to stitch the hole between the 2 humps later on.

Repeat R1-3 to create the 2nd hump. Do not cut the yarn as we are going to use this to complete the heart.

Now you have 2 humps, we’ll be combining them to form the top of your heart. To where you have ended on your first hump, insert your hook into the next stitch where you have left off. Sc around in R4 to combine the 2 humps together.

R4-5: sc 1 (30sts)
R6: [sc 4, dec] 5x (25sts)
R7: [sc 3, dec] 5x (20sts)
R8: [sc 2, dec] 5x (15sts)
Start stuffing and continue stuffing as you go.

R9: [sc 1, dec] 5x (10sts)
R10: [dec] 5x (5sts)

Cut yarn and pull the yarn tail through the last stitch all the way. Sew remaining stitches closed and weave in all ends.

Pull out the yarn in between the humps and stitch up the hole.

And there you go! A heart to gift it away =)

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