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Ending 2017 with a Bang with the Biggest Cactus Amigurumi in Singapore

Ending 2017 with a Bang with the Biggest Cactus Amigurumi in Singapore

It has been a super good year from how we started at our humble home studio at Sengkang and moving forward to Clarke Quay, and then Chinatown!

Let us reminisce the year together.

January 2017

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Bachelorette Party Crochet Amigurumi WorkshopIt was after the busy Christmas period and we finally had a chance for a break. We also started our revised “Make your own Dango Amigurumi Workshop”. Had our first Bachelorette Party Workshop!

February 2017

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Valentine's Day Amigurumi Crochet

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Valentine's Day Amigurumi Orders Dog Crochet

Out of sudden, our sales boomed thanks to Carousell for promoting us 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day! It was super tiring but very rewarding as all our customers received our handmade amigurumi.

March-May 2017

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Mother Daughter Amigurumi Workshop SingaporeTiny Rabbit Hole – Naiise Amigurumi Crochet Workshop SingaporeTiny Rabbit Hole – Amigurumi Workshop at Sengkang Home Studio
More and more workshops taking place at our home studio to the fact that we can’t hold too many people and decided to shift! We also started having little kids joining us for our workshop. We also had our first Naiise Workshop.

June 2017

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Amigurumi Crochet Workshop at Clarke Quay SIngaporeWe found a super suitable location at Clarke Quay. Really thankful to our ex-teacher at Orita Sinclair, Eric, for sharing his pretty studio with us. It’s the first rooftop studio I’ve ever been to and I’ll never forget the experience and the kindness!

July-August 2017

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Amigurumi Crochet Workshop SingaporeWe continued hosting more workshops and started growing our family of crocheters

September 2017

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Cactus Crochet Amigurumi Workshop SingaporeWe added a very basic workshop “Intro to Crochet” where we teach only the basics of crocheting to absolute beginners. We’re happy that more people get to understand the basics well and continue on as their hobby! We were making cactus and never did we know that everybody wants to make one for themselves and their loved ones!

October-November 2017

More crochet trainers joined us to help spread the lost skills and techniques to more people all over Singapore! Some of them are our students and we’re very happy that they have made crochet as part of their lives! Then again, we have so many more students joining us for our 1 month mentorship and we realised that we need a bigger space.

December 2017

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Fusion Workshop with Beary Naise Sewing Lunch Tote Bag UnicornWe have officially moved over to our new studio at Chinatown! So happy to have a studio of our own in the heart of good food =D Now we have more space and we’re gonna do more craft. We’ve got Beary Naise to work with for our first ever fusion workshop!

And Today, on our very last day of the year, we have made the BIGGEST EVER CACTUS AMIGURUMI by a 8-year-old girl!

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Biggest Amigurumi Cactus in Singapore

And of course the last student of the year doing her first dango with us!

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Last workshop of the year 2017

That’s all for the year and cya next year!

Mata ne~

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