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Crocheted Earrings Giveaway in Collaboration with oh sunday!

Crocheted Earrings Giveaway in Collaboration with oh sunday!

CRAFTERS UNITE! Before we jump into the crocheted earrings giveaway, answer this question:

Do you remember the first time you met someone that shared the same hobby or passion as yourself?Β How exciting it felt to have a new friend who could finally understand your “craft” talk. A person to support you – yet still give constructive criticism and they actually know what they are talking about.

Nice, isn’t it? We know that feels too.

tiny rabbit hole - Crocheted earring giveaway with a crochet starfish on a watermelon purse

Tiny Rabbit Hole x oh sunday! collaboration for a crocheted earrings giveaway

Recently, we reached out to fellow crafter oh sunday!, a team of two clay artists, which we have been following on Instagram. They do beautifully crafted clay earrings and no two pairs are the same! How amazing is that? What drew us to their designs was the ombre and pastel colour palette in their works, and some mermaid designs they had done previously. We sent them a message to see if they were open to collaborating on a project together and to our delight, they said yes!

tiny rabbit hole - earring with a crochet starfish hanging on a rainbow unicorn tiny rabbit hole - earrings with crochet starfish and merlion and sunlion

It took some brainstorming to figure out how to combine both clay and crochet into one seamless and unique piece that would be able to feature both crafts equally. Luckily, oh sunday! has a Treasures of the Sea collection, and a crochet starfish would definitely fit the theme. And in crochet, you can literally make anything… so we got to work to our crocheted earring.

The Design Process of a Crocheted Earrings

The oh sunday! team came up with a “sunset at the beach” ombre design and we started working on a starfish. We used a variety of stitches and shapes to see which would make the starfish look the most realistic. But we couldn’t make it too big so we would not add much weight to something you would hang on your ears! And we also tried different yarns, and chose the one that makes it look a little shiny. We were so glad that the design we finalised matched the look that oh sunday! was going for! When we finally settled on a design we were happy with, we passed two sizes of the starfish to oh sunday!

tiny rabbit hole - crocheted earring giveaway closeup of crochet starfish

This was because oh sunday! had the job of making the one-of-a-kind crocheted earrings and choosing which size was the most suitable one for the clay template. When it was decided that the 3cm starfish was the winner, we then started to make a few pairs of them so oh sunday! could attach the little starfish onto the crocheted earrings and finish the piece.

And our first final piece of a crocheted earrings was done!

tiny rabbit hole - Crocheted earring closeup of clay details tiny rabbit hole - Crocheted earring with crochet starfish and clay details

We’re going to take this opportunity to thank oh sunday! for all the hard work and arranging the pre-orders for our collaboration piece. It got such a good response that all the pieces we made were sold out! Collaborating with a fellow crafter is always a refreshing experience, so do reach out if you are a crafter yourself and want to work with us!

🌟🌟🌟 GIVEAWAY 🌟🌟🌟

So, to thank you all for your support thus far and for those who might have missed out on the pre-orders, we are hosting a giveaway to gift the last pair of earrings to one lucky person!

We have actually extended the giveaway deadline to be Sunday night, July 28, 2359 SGT. To enter:

  1. Follow @tinyrabbithole and on Instagram
  2. Β Like the giveaway post and comment your favourite memory of the beach
  3. Tag your friends, or share the post in your Instagram stories for an extra entry

That’s it! You’ll be entered into the giveaway! Good luck!

You can get a Tiny Rabbit Hole-design crocheted rose earrings here.

Learn how to make your own crocheted earrings here.

Learn how to crochet a heart for your loved ones here.

VIsit oh sunday!’s website and Facebook for more beautiful earrings!

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