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Crochet Magic – The Birth of a Unicorn

Crochet Magic – The Birth of a Unicorn

Staying at home and working from home during this circuit breaker is definitely giving us more creative freedom to do whatever we want. We just thought, ahhh… maybe let’s show people the process of how we make an amigurumi. And here you go, our unicorn is born!

How a unicorn is born?

This unicorn is made for a custom order for our dearest customer, fan and friend, Clarie! We thought that it’ll be cool if we do a video for every custom order we receive. But I guess I might take an even longer time to complete my orders :O


This is a 1 hour 40 min of visual relaxation to keep your mind calm from the hectic life of working from home.

This is NOT a tutorial! But if you think that it is, then it is 🙂

By staring at the video, you will only enter into a state of trance. Best to watch it while you are crocheting, so that you can feel Angie crocheting with you 🙂


Have you finished watching every glimpse of it? I hope you did! Give us a thumbs up for some encouragement!

This video production is proudly filmed by Terrix the Terror!

Learn how to crochet?

Interested to pick up a new hobby? Find out more about our online classes! We teach worldwide 🙂

Or pick up a Happy Unicorn Material Kit here. All materials are inclusive.

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