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[Community Project] Crochet a Magpie, Grant a Wish!

[Community Project] Crochet a Magpie, Grant a Wish!

Hello everyone! We’re working on a community project with @qixifest to introduce the long forgotten Qi Xi Festival (七夕) which was once grander than Chinese New Year. This festival has been lost since more than half a decade ago. It was only until now that Lynn, the author of “Reviving Qixi — Singapore’s Forgotten Seven Sisters Festival”, and also the founder of the new “Qi Xi Festival”, decided to revive this meaningful event. Read more news articles here.

What you can do as a crocheter

We’re in collaboration with Qi Xi Fest to make 1,000 NO-SEW magpies to support the initiative to let beneficiaries from diverse and less privileged backgrounds participate in this long-forgotten wish-making practice. What we need from you is to make the skin of the magpie, and the beneficiary will be customising it, stuffing it and placing a secret wish into the magpie to be hung on a “bridge”, like people putting locks on bridges in Paris. These magpies will be displayed in Chinatown for a period of time to showcase the collaborative efforts between the maker (us) and the customisers (the beneficiaries).

Photo by @qixifest. Magpie designed by @tinyrabbithole, holding a Qi Xi Festival book

We’re looking for 100 makers to pledge a minimum of 10 magpie skins each (or until the yarns are used up). We’ll start collecting back the magpies between 29 June to 5 July at our shop at Everton Park. We have 3 choices for you on how to participate:

Choice 1: You put a deposit and collect the yarns required to make the magpies. Upon completion, you submit the magpies and your deposit will be returned within a month after the submission period (we’ll take time to review and process the returned deposits amidst other events)

Choice 2: Similar to Choice 1, except that you prefer getting a TRH digital cash voucher over cash so that you can spend on quality yarns at Tiny Rabbit Hole. You’ll receive the cash voucher within 2 weeks after the submission period.

Choice 3: No deposit required if you co-crochet in our shop on Mondays and Fridays, 2-8pm (unless otherwise specified)

Please register your interest here and we’ll provide you with more info:

Collection point

Tiny Rabbit Hole

4 Everton Park #01-48 Singapore 080004

Nearest MRT: Outram Park Exit 5 (Cantonment Police Station), 5min walk along Cantonment Road

Operating hours: Mon-Fri 2-8pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm, Wednesday closed.

Who is eligible

  1. You already know how to crochet
  2. You know how to read US patterns
  3. You are able to commit within the time frame

Materials used

We will be specifying the type of yarns to be used for this project, mainly TRH yarns in the form of cotton/cotton blend/chenille. We need the yarns to be able to withstand being outdoors for a week and can stay through the test of time (please note that the beneficiaries will be keeping them as a memento). If you have the specified yarns, you may use your own at your own cost, especially if you want to finish up your scrap yarns 🙂

The yarns you may use (you may follow the suggested hook size, but please adjust to the right size based on your tension):
  • Papi Yarn (hold double with 3-3.5mm hook)
  • Pica Pau Yarn DK (2.5mm hook)
  • Pica Pau Yarn Aran (2.75-3mm hook)
  • Scheepjes Organicon (hold double with 2.75mm hook)
  • DMC Natura Denim (2.75-3mm hook)
  • Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton (3mm hook)
  • Scheepjes Catona (hold double with 2.75-3mm hook)
  • Scheepjes Bamboo Soft (hold double with 2.75-3mm hook)
  • Ragamuffin Chunky Yarn (4mm hook)
Colours to use:
Body – any dark blue (dark navy blue, dark denim blue, peacock blue, any darker blue), black. If holding 2, you can match 1 blue and 1 black, or 1 dark and light blue.
Belly – white, cream
Wing edging – any bright blue
Other yarns and other colours are not accepted and will not be negotiable.

A little background

This festival is all about the celebration of craftsmanship by the Chinese Migrant Workers who came to Singapore to build the country in the early days. They are people such as the Majie (妈姐)and the Samsui Women (红头巾). In order to band together, they formed associations such as the Milky Way Association and celebrate Qi Xi Festival on the 7th day of the 7th month, where they’ll make creative handicrafts to be showcased at the festival. According to the tradition, if someone complimented their craft, the Majies would be extremely happy and feel that their efforts have paid off. That is akin to having many likes on your Instagram.

The folklore

There are also folklores associated with 7/7. If you have heard of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl (牛郎织女), you’ll know how only on the lunar 7th day of the 7th month that the Cowherd and Weaver Girl could meet on an annual basis. They were split apart by the Milky Way for breaking heaven’s rule and were given the chance to meet only once a year due to their unwavering love. On this particular day, thousands or more magpies will flock together to form a bridge for the Cowherd to reunite with the Weaver Girl for one day.

We hope that you can join us in making the magpies to form the bridge, and help making all the beneficiaries’ wishes come true!

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