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Celebrate International Unicorn Day with Tiny Rabbit Hole!

Celebrate International Unicorn Day with Tiny Rabbit Hole!

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Unicorn Day Singapore Chinatown Lazy Rainbow Magical Mystical

Do you love unicorns like how we do? Even though this is a very tiny bunny burrow, doesn’t mean that only bunnies live here! We have a great ecosystem that ranges from dinosaurs to dragons. Our bunnies’ favourite are the unicorns! Why? Because they’re colourful, dainty and cuddly! Do you think the same as we do too?

And so, this is the month about unicorns. In fact, today is International Unicorn Day!

We are excited to share with all of our fans that Tiny Rabbit Hole is gonna hold a massive Unicorn Day Party at our studio! Alright maybe not that massive, but we hope to have all of you with us at our tiny little burrow! This event is in lieu with the International Unicorn Day!


And what’s more, we’re holding this event for FREE and you will in return receive a FREE goody bag for the first 30. Even if you did not get the goody bag, you’ll still stand a chance to win our lucky dip by participating in our events made specially for you!

I know it’s a little cheesy to say this, but come say HI to us! Yes we would like to get to know you. I hope that you would like to see the unicorns more than us =DD

Event Details


28 April 2018 (Saturday)


2 – 5pm


62A Smith Street, Level 2, Singapore 058964


Event Schedule

2 – 2.30pm
Photobooth (All Day), light snacks, grab a goodie bag.
2.30 – 2.40pm Introduction of Tiny Rabbit Hole
2.40 – 5pm Mini Games and Lucky Dip (more handmade items to be won)
5 – 6pm Chillax Session


Please RSVP on our website to confirm your attendance!

Do you know…

Do you know that one of our MOST popular animals at Tiny Rabbit Hole is our adorable Lazy Rainbow Unicorn – Yuni-Chan.

Tiny Rabbit Hole – Unicorn Day Singapore Chinatown Lazy Rainbow Magical Mystical Yuni Chan

She’s always amongst the favourite due to her whacky rainbow hair and lovely tails and she is simply irresistable! Do you want to be as unicorn as Yuni-Chan?

If you would like to make her, this is where you can find out more:
Lazy Rainbow Unicorn Amigurumi and Kit.

What to expect during the event?
  • handmade crochet goodies by the bunnies of Tiny Rabbit Hole!
  • unicorn-themed snacks
  • photobooth / instant print
  • mini games
  • sure-win lucky dip
  • attractive prizes to be won!

We will be slowly revealing our program on our blog, website and social media, so do check us out! Come hang out with us and have some fun on this unique Unicorn Day =)

What else is going to happen this month?

As some of you who visited our studio saw something that you would really love to make. We’re going to release the pattern soon! Do check out for our blog post!

What happened last month?

Towards the end of last month, Terrix and I went for a crafty trip to Tokyo. Omg you wouldn’t imagine how much things we have found! Perhaps all of you know more than me, but nevertheless I would still share with you my findings! Watch out for my Japan post too! Can’t wait for Terrix to edit the pretty photos he took of Yuni Chan =) And where is Yuni Chan now? I didn’t see her in my luggage. Hmmm?

Mata ne~

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