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Amigurumi Crochet Artist Needed!

Amigurumi Crochet Artist Needed!

♥ Introduction ♥

Tiny Rabbit Hole has been inspired by some really awesome Amigurumi crocheters from around the world.

Once upon a time, magical creatures were locked in games, anime, pokeballs and apparels. Our dream is to unlock all of these magical creatures so that you can cuddle them in your sleep and let them help you tide over the bad times. Right now, we are taking them out from the virtual space and releasing them into our land with a pumping heart and soul!

Besides crocheting these creatures, we also organize crochet workshops in Singapore to impart wannabe crocheters the skill to unlock these magical creatures and get them out of their captivity by transforming them into crochet stuffed creatures. We are happy to tailor magical creatures specially for you even if we have not come across them in the seven seas. Simply drop us a message on our FacebookSingapore CarousellEtsy and let us know where they are locked at.

♥ We are featured here ♥

Down the Tiny Rabbit Hole by Michele Adriaens – Culture Push

♥ Looking For Individuals who ♥

  1. are passionate about crocheting cute amigurumi
  2. loves to work in a small and fun-loving team
  3. loves working with cute young people
  4. knows how to read crochet patterns
  5. can work from either home or our office
  6. no dress code, you can come in your pajamas
  7. loves jokes
  8. can imagine the wildest amigurumi design and create it originally (Bonus)

♥ We need ♥

Just send us pictures of amigurumi / crocheted dolls or other craft works / ideas to We are also keen to explore into amigurumi fusion with other product. Thanks! :O

Tiny Rabbit Hole - Amigurumi Crochet Artist Needed! - bad badtz maru amigurumi  Tiny Rabbit Hole - Amigurumi Crochet Artist Needed! - chibi pikachuTiny Rabbit Hole - Amigurumi Crochet Artist Needed! - lying eevee Tiny Rabbit Hole - Amigurumi Crochet Artist Needed! - unicorn amigurumi

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